CHS and QHC NURSES: Are you aware of deficiencies in the quality of patient-care or inappropriate business practices at a CHS or QHC hospital?

See what this Community Health Systems (CHS)employed RN has to say about unionizing.

The Eye on CHS and QHC Watch Campaign would like to hear from RNs who experience issues at a CHS and QHC owned hospital such as:

  • Chronically unsafe staffing levels.
  • Shortage of or faulty medical equipment.
  • Inadequate training.
  • Problems retenting experienced RNs due to unsafe working conditions.
  • Patients unnecessarily admitted into the hospital or over-charged.

Confidential CHS and QHC Whistle Blower Web Form for Nurses:


PLEASE NOTE—"General Information" collected here will / may be used anonymously to shine light on CHS and QHC business practices.

Your personal information and details will NOT be shared without your permission! Please be as accurate as possible.

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