Online University Program in Health Inequity and Care

Scholarship Application – Spring Semester 2019


Scholarship application deadline is Sunday, December 16, 2018

Full-tuition scholarships are available each term for NNU RN members interested in deepening their understanding of cultural competency, the structural determinants of health, and the relationship between health inequities and technological restructuring.

All interested scholarship applicants should:

  1. Fill in the scholarship application below.
  2. Upload a resume that includes education and work history below.
  3. Upload an essay of 250-500 words detailing why you are interested in the American University undergraduate or graduate certificate program and how it will benefit your work as an RN and as a patient and community advocate. An overview of the programs is available here and descriptions of the program courses are available here.


If you have any questions, please contact the Certificate Programs Administrative Coordinator at CertificatePrograms@NationalNursesUnited.Org or (510) 433–2793.

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