Take the Personal Pledge

Join our fight to raise standards for America’s working people!

With the erosion of living standards for many, and new attacks almost daily from Wall Street-funded politicians, all Americans need a new contract, a binding relationship for their security, for their families, and for future generations. To achieve these goals, National Nurses United is launching a new campaign, for all:

  1. Jobs at living wages to reinvest in America.
  2. Equal access to quality, public education.
  3. Guaranteed healthcare with a single standard of care.
  4. A secure retirement with the ability to retire in dignity.
  5. Good housing, and protection from hunger.
  6. A safe and healthy environment.
  7. A just taxation system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

I hereby pledge to take actions in support of these campaign efforts, starting by sharing this information with my friends and social networks.

Do you have a personal example or story that illustrates how difficult it is for families to survive the economic disaster that Wall Street and Washington have brought us?

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