Preserving Holistic Care: Protecting the Science and Art of Nursing

Course Description:

(6 CEH) 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This course will look at the impact of blind reliance on technology on the science and art of the nursing profession; how it will cause an erosion of skills for the next generation of RNs who (unless stopped) will be “trained” in tasks instead of “educated” in skills; and how it has the potential of destroying the professional practice of registered nurses.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate the unique patient advocacy role RNs hold in the health care delivery system.
  2. Explore the potential of technology replacing human interaction in the delivery of patient care.
  3. Recognize the potential of technology to supplant RN critical thinking and independent clinical judgment with rigid clinical pathways or RN displacement and/or override technologies.
  4. Discuss technology's role in the health care industry's restructuring of provider roles.
  5. Define the critical role all RNs have in maintaining the science and art of the nursing profession to preserve holistic care.

CE courses are free to California Nurses Association/National Nurses United members and student nurses. For direct-care and staff RNs. Participants will be notified by U.S. mail and by email if a course is cancelled.

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